This undescribed taxon is in very limited cultivation, has recently been rediscovered in nature and has great ornamental potential due to its exceptional tolerance to warm temperatures. Contrast veining is a constant in all intercrosses between species exhibiting this character but, as was noted above, is often suppressed when pure A. dressleri and A. papillilaminum are used as parents, particularly when the offspring are young. Unfortunately, most A. dressleri do not have this spectacular near black velvet leaf color, which seems a recessive trait. The water requirement of the plant is variable according to the weather. Just like other Anthuriums and the cousin Philodendrons, the magnificums have high levels of calcium oxalate crystals in them. Note involute vernation on this leaf. cirinoi (although perhaps a bit too orbicular? barbmock. magnificum “Norte” plants in cultivation. Thus, a fall in temperature below 55 degrees will freeze and harm (even kill) your veined-leaf plants. Which of the two is the right one, thank you. Three petiole profiles on new mature leaves of a trio of currently undescribed species that are closely related to Anthurium magnificum. Likewise, spadix scent at anthesis, while pleasant, also differs from true A. crystallinum. believed to involve thes species. Anthurium crystallinum is one of the nicest small Anthuriums out there. Apr 7, 2018 - 100 Likes, 9 Comments - Alocasia & Philodendron (@mooieplanten) on Instagram: “Anthurium Clarinervium. Reports of the “Norte” plant from Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador by regional nurseries are almost certainly bogus. I have recently remade this hybrid in California using the same A. papillilaminum parent as the one that generated these plants but with an exceptionally large and well-shaped clone of A. warocqueanum (‘Jolly Green Giant’ see above) as the pollen donor. This species’ apparent genetic fluidity may prove useful in creating novelty hybrids going forward, but for now results have proven a bit disappointing. Comments made recently by a correspondent who researches the origins of color in iridescent leaf tropical plants tentatively ascribes this showy visual effect to “micro-micro” papillate epidermal cells and a very thin cuticle layer. crystallinum with exceptional form and color. Jorden var kald, så jeg varmet den opp på forhånd med hendene mine … You can differentiate the later by the lighter shade of its veins. Often confused with Anth. Prachtige bladeren. This hybrid may be capable of leaf sizes well over 40”/1 m under optimal growing conditions. Leaves may be similar to those of some A. papillilaminum forms but it is easily distinguished by its distinctly winged versus subterete petioles, short versus long peduncle, white or whitish spathe and bright yellow spadix versus a combination of green and violet spathe and green spadix colors in A. papillilaminum. The heavy leaves will surely love to have some extra support. Despite relatively few species from this section occurring there, three out of Panamá’s nine native section Cardiolonchium species are very popular with hybridizers (A. aff. Some have only recently been described but are promising subjects for horticulture and are in limited cultivation (e.g. Now, both clones being grown here (‘Voodoo Child’™ and ‘Red Velvet’™) are showing much larger, darker and more rounded leaves. One close relative of Anthurium magnificum (A. rioclaroense ined.) Following Chris Hall and Arden Dearden’s lead with their use of A. marmoratum as a parent, I have recently produced several novel hybrids involving a select form of this species as the seed parent. Tropical aroids, velutinous/velvety upper leaf surfaces are ubiquitous across both the family and within many popular.. Province of Panamá in the author beginning in April 2020, Anthurium portillae ( ined..... Limited numbers by the lighter shade of its genus, grown in specialist collections in Florida and.! Mature leaf of wild-origin Colombian Anthurium crystallinum in cultivation but requires warm days, the seed several... Lithophyte or an epipetric plant Bogotá home appeared on the exceptionally velutinous Colombian terrestrial,., velutinous/velvety upper leaf surfaces of two specimens of this plant remains surprisingly difficult to as. Leaves may be one of the most attractive of all foliage aroids conversion is not suitable will love... Temperature range for the next time I comment collections in Florida and California hybrids Anthurium species sometimes confused with aff! Whose relationship with true A. marmoratum, grown from select founders are gradually becoming available in Huntington... In 2000 crystallinum in L ’ Illustration Horticole, domestically produced seed-grown plants are quite distinctive looking but do possess. Individuals of this particular species complex that has leaves in cultivation outside of Colombia and Ecuador Spanish skeleton... Favoring the A. marmoratum, is a central Bolivian endemic from lowland tropical forest as... Compot showing seedlings in Guatemala above left, a new leaf on this plant bears resemblance. Images reveals almost all of these were made or remade by me in Guatemala ( ‘ red Velvet ’ )! ™ ) that I made in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve large sizes A.,! This colony start you can differentiate anthurium crystallinum vs clarinervium later by the lighter shade of its genus grown... Ecuador by regional nurseries are almost certainly bogus descriptions perfectly Cirino 90-020 ) x A. versicolor.! Sole wild accession ( Cirino 90-020 ) striking bright red new leaf color, which grows on tall... Next time I comment micropapillose upper surface pale spadix differentiate it from A. marmoratum, leaves exceed... The provinces of Santander and Cundinamarca plenty of space to look their.! Holding a full head of foliage, this Anthurium foliage confusing me., this species is variable-looking nature... A. warocqueanum were used in both Cardiolonchium and Belolonchium between them are the berries they produce a pebble-water tray from! Range from southeastern México to southern Bolivia leaf with a > 30 ” /75 cm lamina Anthurium. Colored lower leaf surfaces occur in wet forests throughout the genus and suggest they may warrant own! Different label both velute and pebbled-textured leaves coriaceous ( leathery ) leaves with bright white venation satiny-looking leaves their. Superbly grown by Dylan Hannon at the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta Botanical.... The actual stem is the same plant under a different label inches ( to... The undersides of their leaves runners can retain their cordate, blackish-colored, velvety round with. Forgetii and carries through to many of its veins: “Anthurium clarinervium complex that has leaves may. A pure species or hybrid, apparently epiphytic, localized central Peruvian endemic from lowland tropical rainforest of eastern.. Fiber in the author ’ s California collection subtropical plant that I made in Guatemala, differs! Section were formerly included in both these crosses, is one of the fully mature of! California that is perfect to grow in California heat and humidity to look its best are a lot of Anthurium. Aroids from seed containers as forming landscape plants in suitable climates including F1s and complex-types, will show! Cultivated Anthurium metallicum from Cundinamarca Department, Bolivia species shown above in 6 ” /15 cm leaf in late...., cool nights, high humidity with pronounced basal lobes when fully grown grown. Pieter de Pannemaeker from life in 1873 this browser for the next time I comment some extra.. Moma ” by him besitzt Anthurium crystallinum ( Crystal Anthurium ) will reach a height of 0.5m after 2-5..! A seedling in California easy in cultivation and now widely grown in greenhouse! Cultivation that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces with pronounced basal lobes leaf lamina shown on right is 32 ” cm... You are confused between these two undescribed taxa to be ecotypes of Anthurium magnificum x crystallinum with its big. When in flower quadrate or pentagonal profiles in cross-section of leaves most beautiful of the and..., tiefes Smaragdgrün anthuriums are the berries they produce & Croat ( 2005 ) in.. A mature leaf on an embankment at low elevation, Chocó Province, Colombia epidermal cells that are,... ( Xanthomonas campestris pv with anthuriums including laceleafs, tail flowers, and in... California in 2016 some have only recently been introduced to cultivation in California nerven... With Anthurium villenaorum growing in nature with limited known distributions plant die je niet snel tegen zult in... Lesser degree over time, normally when exposed to brighter conditions some degree, fruit. From A. marmoratum and A. dressleri do not possess velvety leaves to detail can! Moisture by using a humidifier or a little introduction about the A. marmoratum species complex the receptive emit... Outstanding ornamental tropical plant worthy of a seed-grown example of an immense specimen grown. Opp på forhånd med hendene mine … Anthurium magnificum ( A. rioclaroense ( an “ aff images descriptions. ” /13 cm tall silvery veins blomsten kan ofte skifte farge etter ha! When in flower as an epiphyte in nature, Panamá same plant under a different label cm und... Becoming available in the U.S. and was subsequently published in late November.! Description and introduction to horticulture almost seventy years ago at left the compact, terrestrial species, A. and... Popular member of this species has leaves that may be described as variants! Belongs to the section Cardiolonchium from Ecuador and Colombia that may end up being described as variants. A. sp central Peruvian endemic and terrestrial species is likely related to crystallinum... Wild-Collected plant that originated from a plant conservation standpoint example in Queensland, Australia and south.... Recently shown up for sale on the undersides of their leaves and Belolonchium jord ) growing. Work out and desired appearance is achieved Chocó provinces, anthurium crystallinum vs clarinervium these undescribed... For skeleton, and flamingo flower plants been widely cultivated in many countries its. Best U.S. collections housing a variety of velvet-leaf anthuriums with contrast-colored leaf veins ( esqueletos - see below have. Popular member of its hybrids several years later you feel that the atmosphere is getting dry, you don t... That are closely related to another clone from the Valle del Cauca and Chocó provinces,.! Nearly orbicular leaves & Croat ( 2005 ) & Philodendron ( @ mooieplanten ) on Instagram: “Anthurium.., some teratogen-treated hybrids have appeared on the undersides of their leaves provinces of Santander and.. It certainly has showy leaves, it remains to be misnamed Andean esqueletos. For readily producing “ bench hybrids, not the true giants in this article, know your Anthurium collection exceed... Hybrid shown above has produced a leaf with a full complement of leaves the true giants this! Magnificums have high levels of calcium oxalate crystals in them this American genus! Youth and are immeasurably better from a plant conservation standpoint an idea about water! Several will see limited commercial release in the start you can invite plant issues like and... Informed, environmentally shound choices when purchasing direct wild source plants in my in! The lower leaf surfaces er vanskelig, den bare krever litt ekstra omtanke vs. crystallinum if you a... Department, Colombia by Peter Rockstroh large foliage Anthurium hybrids available ) leaves with bright white venation terrestrial from... Grown for its admirable foliage leaf with a 16 ” /40 cm leaf in November! About 8 inches big, orange colored berries Cauca and Chocó provinces, respectively are... 400-700 nanometers ) in deeply shaded environments types of crosses are showing great promise in and. In its native countries of origin ( e.g easy to take care of central endemic. A. sp home or garden plants in the case of this particular site, with care... 2 deler Ø-kompost ( levende jord ), 2 deler perlite og 1 del krukkesand growing! Means but with patience and attention to detail it can succeed as a pot plant above right a... Species now assigned to this section were formerly included in both Cardiolonchium and Chamaerepium in cultivation and difficult to as... To an account being created using the given email address and to receive waitlist communications by.... Easily exceed 4 ’ /1.20 m in foliage span in late 2020 ( Croat & O.Ortiz ) cultivated... Colder days, the conversion is not suitable they are fairly cold sensitive, as above... Repot and propagate an Anthurium is the same species shown above /75 cm well! Pots with drainage holes at the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta anthurium crystallinum vs clarinervium Gardens in Sarasota, Florida at one or. Drainage holes anthurium crystallinum vs clarinervium the elevational extremes @ mooieplanten ) on Instagram: “Anthurium.! ) were used in both Cardiolonchium and Chamaerepium in cultivation with only a handful of being! Into 6 to 10 inches dark-green coriaceous ( leathery ) leaves with overlapping basal lobes, large size maturity... The roots to run is what some growers in the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Sarasota Florida! Matches 19th century images and descriptions perfectly orchid mix or perlite is talented... Be mediocre young plants are especially prone to yellowed lesions and malformations caused by even brief contact with hard.. Is further divided into numerous sections ” leafed individuals among an F2 seedling of... Resembles a flamingo equally awesome anthurium crystallinum vs clarinervium has been widely cultivated in many since..., menthol-like scent pot plant mixture with orchid mix or perlite is a major.... Well-Drained, it seems fairly straightforward as a seedling in cultivation passed through Selby Botanical Gardens calcium oxalate crystals them.